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We hold to the definition that Cognitive Liberty is the absolute sovereignty of one’s own consciousness, with freedom of thought and self-ownership.

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The Voice Of The Earth: Help Us Hear The voice

Cognitive Liberty Recommended Reading Roszak offers a way forward out of the paralyzing crises of our times. He challenges us to return to our "inherent intimacy with nature" and "innate animistic sensibility." The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology by Roszak What is the bond between the human psyche and the living planet … Continue reading The Voice Of The Earth: Help Us Hear The voice


Pope Francis: “Who is my neighbor?”

MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ON THE OCCASION OF THE WORLD MEETINGS OF POPULAR MOVEMENTS IN MODESTO (CALIFORNIA) [16-18 FEBRUARY 2017] (10 FEBRUARY 2017) Dear Brothers and Sisters, First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your effort in replicating on a national level the work being developed in the World Meetings … Continue reading Pope Francis: “Who is my neighbor?”

PORTLAND OREGON - NOV 17: Police in Riot Gear Holding the Line in Downtown Portland Oregon during a Occupy Portland protest on the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street November 17 2011

Standing Rock: Protesting Is Not Terrorism

URGENT: Proposed Law Would Charge Protesters With Terrorism Take A Stand With Us and Sign The Petition. This is a disaster. A new law proposed by a State Senator in Washington would allow the authorities to charge protesters with "economic terrorism," and slap them with serious felony charges that could lead to jail time, just … Continue reading Standing Rock: Protesting Is Not Terrorism

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