Honor The Treaties

Patterns are as frustrating as The Yellow Wallpaper
As elegant as Science
As neat and tidy as Auschwitz
and as current as they are past and future.

~ Kali Rubaii

Palestinian Land Loss 1946-2000 Native American Land Loss 1850-1990

"The operations of General Hancock," Black Whiskers Sanborn informed the Secretary of the Interior, "have been so disastrous to the public interests, and at the same time seem to me to be so inhuman, that I deem it proper to communicate my views to you on the subject...

For a mighty nation like us to be carrying on a war with a few straggling nomads, under such circumstances is a spectacle most humiliating, an injustice unparalleled, a national crime most revolting, that must sooner or later, bring down upon us or our posterity the judgment of Heaven."

"It is too often the case," Crook said, "that border newspapers...disseminate all sorts of exaggerations and falsehoods about the Indians, which are copied in papers of high character and wide circulation, in other parts oft he country, while the Indians' side of the case is rarely ever heard. In this way the people at large get false ideas with reference to the matter. Then when the outbreak does come public attention is turned to the Indians, their crimes and atrocities are alone condemned, while the persons whose injustice has driven them to this course escape scot-free and are the loudest in their denunciations. No one knows this fact better than the Indian, therefore he is excusable in seeing no justice in a government which only punishes him, while it allows the white man to plunder him as he pleases."

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