In Defense Of Human Dignity

In defense of human dignity, taking a collective stand in solidarity with the ongoing Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike.

Our message of peace is a call to action, for other ordinary people like ourselves, not to hand over your lives to whatever puppeteer is in charge this time round, but to take responsibility for the revolution. First, the inner revolution ~ to give love, to give empathy; It is this that will change the world. ~ Vittorio Arrigoni

The Federation of Independent Unions - Palestine,

On the Twenty-Eighth Day of the Open Ended Hunger Strike of Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails,

In Defense of Human Dignity,

Calls upon all Palestinians and those in solidarity with their cause throughout the world, to stop whatever they are doing on 14 May 2012, and to descend from their homes, cars, and places of work, taking a collective stand in solidarity with the ongoing Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike.

Palestinian Prisoners In Israel

Israel is currently holding approximately 4,500 Palestinian prisoners, many of which are being held in "administrative detention", better know as detention without trial.

In 2000-2009 there were 6,700 Palestinians between 12 and 18 years old arrested by Israeli forces according to Defence for Children International. 423 were held in Israeli detention and interrogation centers and prisons in 2009, alone. The number dropped to 280 amidst heightened pressure and growing awareness of this violation of international law.

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) reports that "Israel does not recognize Palestinian prisoners as having the status of prisoners of war.

In protest of these international human rights violations 1,800 prisoners began a mass hunger strike. A number of hunger strikers have been without food for more than two months, with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressing grave concern for their condition.