Israel Using Live Fire In Palestinian Village

Urgent Action Is Needed To Protect Lives and Property

I am requesting readers to contact my daughter's representative, Congressman Sam Farr, urging him to help protect Kali (pictured below with her students) who is in the village of Al Aqaba now under live Israeli fire: watch short video.

In addition, please contact your own representatives requesting they do everything within their power to protect these children's lives and homes and to cease all forms of support offered Israel which continues to violate human rights and international law.

Photo by Matthew DeMaio
For the past month, a massive Israeli military training exercise has been underway in the northern Jordan Valley. Last night, Israeli soldiers entered Al Aqaba Village at dusk and held live-fire training exercises within the village shooting from 2am onward next to the mosque just across from the Al Aqaba Guesthouse and the Mayor’s home.

Their action ignores an agreement held since 2001, negotiated with the Israeli High Court, stating guidelines for Israeli Army training in the village. The IDF agreed that the center of the village will not be subjected to training with live ammunition.

Bullet and shell casings were found this morning.

Yesterday’s training, documented by internationals from Sweden who were staying in the village, is a clear violation of the state's own commitment.

Contact the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Isreal

Please send an urgent message to Ambassador Shapiro asking him to seek Israeli assurances that soldiers will not enter the village for military training exercises.

  1. To contact American Citizen Services please call: 03-519-7475 Mon-Thu, between 2:00PM and 4:00PM.
  2. You may also email: with the subject marked "Emergency".

Al Aqaba was used for live military training activities for 30 years from 1972-2002 until the High Court intervened. Mayor Haj Sami Sadeq, in a wheelchair since the age of 16, was the first of 36 wounded during that time period. Sadly, 12 others were killed. The massive Israeli military training exercises underway near and in the village should not take place; they clearly endanger the lives of civilians.

Haj Sami, Al Aqaba

Please note that Rebuilding Alliance’s visiting teacher, American citizen, Jessica Kali Rubaii, has today returned to Al Aqaba Village. Ms. Rubaii is completing her Ph.D. in Anthropology at University of California, Santa Cruz and lives in Representative Sam Farr’s district. Two professors from the University of California will be joining Kali in Al Aqaba next week.

The villagers are especially concerned because, in addition to the live fire, the village lawyers received a letter from the Civil Administration denying their 3rd Master Plan, stating they do not have the right to plan construction of their homes on their own land.

In addition, five demolition orders were issued to homes just outside the village center with only three days notice until demolitions. The Israeli High Court has agreed to review their petitions.

We ask Ambassador Shapiro to urge the Government of Israel to acknowledge Al Aqaba Village’s human right to plan, issue building permits, and build homes, schools and shops on the land they own.

The following videos document soldiers entering, then firing late at night, gripping the villagers in fear not knowing what to anticipate next:

Israeli Soldiers First Entering The Village

Live Fire In The Peaceful Village Of Al Aqaba

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