Noam Chomsky In Gaza; Acts To End War Crimes

Photo by John Soares
Noam Chomsky was in Gaza for an international linguistic conference and was on the pier at Gaza City waiting for the arrival of the "Estelle," the latest boat to attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Below, is a transcription of his words:

I'd first like to express my enormous respect for the sailors on the Estelle who are out there somewhere (gestures to the sea). They should know that our thoughts and our hopes and our wishes are with them.

The sailors on this boat like the previous ones or the one Hagit (Hagit Borer was a passenger on the 2011 US Boat to Gaza, "The Audacity of Hope") was on or that David (David Heap was a passenger on the 2011 Canadian ship "Tahrir") was on and others are showing us real courage, and determination and conviction to act to break and end this criminal siege and to bring freedom and justice to the people of Palestine.

For the people of Gaza, the boats are a dramatic demonstration that the people of the world have not forgotten about you, that they express their solidarity and support for you in your suffering and oppression, and that they want to commit themselves to bring it to an end.

For the people outside of Gaza the flotilla, this particular boat and the others, are equally dramatic illustrations of their responsibility to act in their own countries to bring an end to the policies that are supporting these war crimes.

I should say that every time Israel stops a boat it's another blow to its diminishing legitimacy and another element of support for those who are resisting internally and for those who are opposing these policies outside. Sooner or later the wave will sweep over the barriers.

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