AIPAC Or US: Tell Congress Aid To Israel Should Take The First Cut


$85 billion in cuts; Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans, but neither blame AIPAC.

The Sequester

On March 1, President Obama signed an order imposing across-the-board cuts to defense and non-defense spending, known as the "sequester," after Congress failed in its final efforts to avoid such cuts. The cuts total about $85 billion for the remainder of the fiscal year, which is September 30th. The average American will begin to feel the impact of these cuts in April.

There was no discussion on either side of the aisle to reduce U.S. tax dollars flowing to Israel. We are funding the fourth largest military in the world to use sophisticated weaponry against civilian families. In addition, we fund the illegal removal of these families from their homes and lands.

U.S. Tax Payers

  1. spend $3 Billion annually in economic aid to Isarel ($3.1 billion promised in 2013)
  2. spent $3 Trillion (by 2003) supporting Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine
  3. pay interest on the money they give Israel, according to the Congressional Research Service
  4. invested $123.202 Billion total U.S aid to Israel as of 2011
  5. annually give, per capita, $10,000 more US tax dollars than average to Israelis

Families First

Cutting aid to Israel would help keep both Americans and Palestinians in their rightful homes.

It stops when we say it stops.

Contact your representatives and tell them to invest in families not weapons, war, and violence.

Thank you for being one of the powerful.
People Power can change the world.

To better understand how your tax dollars are being invested in Israel, watch this Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary Feature, 5 Broken Cameras.