Daisy Chain Necklaces: A Tribute To Syria

A Tribute To Syria: Part I

Daisy Chain Necklaces_0624

When your Arabic is limited, but you long to communicate with the children around you, there is nothing like the language of a daisy chain necklace.

Thank you Syria for sharing your beautiful countryside, ancient cities, unique history, art, music, and most of all your smiling children during my time with you in 2009. I will always remember Syria as the only country I safely accepted rides from strangers; families, farmers, truckers, and teachers.

As my country threatens military assault on Syria, I am flooded with memories of what may be lost: historical treasure in the world's oldest city "The Jewel" Damascus, souks, parks, produce, ancient architecture, shop keepers and their unique products, artisans and their crafts, resilient Syrian people and most importantly, children.

War steals what should never be stolen; precious life, history, production, dreams, plans, futures, and childhood. These losses will be felt by the people of Syrian; but the world too, will know loss. It will lose Syria and there is nothing like her.

Thieves work round the clock (inside and outside Syria) to ravage life and all things beautiful for geopolitical control, weapons profiteering, and militarized capitalization. Make no mistake, the U.S. role in the Syrian conflict is not by chance and it is not to protect the Syrian people from " chemical weapons."

It is calculated.
It will include the use of "weapons of mass destruction."
It is part of the U.S. articulated agenda to "reconfigure" the Middle East.

"reconfiguring the entire region to U.S. specifications with Iraq the "tactical pivot"...and to ensure the hegemony of the big powers over the natural resources of the Middle East. (1)
See page 237, Oil Power & Empire: Iraq and The U.S. Global Agenda by Larry Everest.

Syrians have the right to determine their destiny, not foreign fighters with foreign agendas.

I do not want Syrian children to suffer the same fate as Iraqi children, who for two plus decades of ongoing war and sanctions have suffered needlessly from the forethought of ever greedy, over reaching hands of U.S. Empire, grasping for world domination.

I want to revisit Syria, not another U.S. outpost.

The photos below represent a fraction of what will be lost, if Syria, like Iraq, falls victim to "the new world order" following the latest U.S. violation of international law and is made in "our image", as Naomi Klein forewarns in The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

Take Action Today!
Write and call your Senators and Representative.
Tell Congress to vote NO on the Syria authorization for the use of military force.

Petition Background:
It's a historic victory that President Obama has agreed to seek Congressional authorization for the use of military force in Syria. But despite the President's promise that he only intends to conduct "limited strikes," the AUMF he sent to the Hill is a blank check for war.

It isn't geographically limited to Syria - this President or a future President could use it to strike Iran. It doesn't prohibit the use of U.S. ground troops. It isn't limited in duration. If this AUMF passes, it is likely to remain; the Iraq AUMF has never been repealed. If you oppose a U.S. military strike on Syria, sign the petition. But if you only support limited strikes, you should also sign the petition, because the Syria AUMF isn't a mandate for limited strikes. It's a blank check for war.

By Robert Naiman (Contact)
Thank you for being one of the powerful.
People Power can change the world.

p.s. Syria, a bar of olive soap is at my kitchen sink. It came from Al-Hamidiyah Souk. There is no soap like it; a large, square, olive stamped bar which lasts near forever. As my dear friend, Scott Kennedy, jokingly replied when I gifted him a bar, "I love my candle, Debra, but I can't find the wick." Yes, it is that large!

Shadows in the Middle EastMy second bar in four years with daily use. Here in the West we can't imagine a bar of soap lasting more than a week, let alone years. Its daily use has become my prayer for the return of Syrian children to their parks to make daisy chain necklaces free from violence from within and outside Syria.

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