FAA Contrail Cloud Experiment Without Public Consent

FAA Experiment Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA

Experiment creates ominous sky over Santa Cruz, California.

Winter Sky in Santa Cruz

The following images were taken on three different days this winter from various locations in Santa Cruz County, California. They demonstrate how aircraft dispersant turns a clear day into one filled with contrail clouds, part of an international experiment according to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), January 25, 2008 document.

I speculate that this a geoengineering project that involves "marine cloud brightening," where tiny particles are added to existing clouds over the oceans (in this case Monterey Bay, California) in order to brighten them and reflect away more sunlight.

Silent Spring

Rachel Carson foreshadows what may come if we do not head the warning from lessons already learned. The following is from her ground breaking work, Silent Spring.

"The new environmental health problems are multiple _ created by radiation in all its forms, born of the never-ending stream of chemicals of which pesticides are a part, chemicals now pervading the world in which we live, acting upon us directly and indirectly, separately and collectively. Their presence casts a shadow that is no less ominous because it is formless and obscure, no less frightening because it is simply impossible to predict the effects of lifetime exposure to chemical and physical agents that are not part of the biological experience of man.

"We all live under the haunting fear that something may corrupt the environment to the point where man joins the dinosaurs as an obsolete form of life, " says Dr. David Price of the United States Public Health Service. "And what make these thoughts all the more disturbing is the knowledge that our fate could perhaps be sealed twenty or more years before the development of symptoms."

The photos in this article were taken by Debra Ellis.

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