Netherlands Takes Bold Move: Israeli Settlement Products Must Be Labeled

Photo by PressTV
Photo by PressTV

Important news from Europe. Another country is taking a stand against the occupation. Haaretz:

The Dutch government has for the first time called for retail chains in the Netherlands to state the origin of products from West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. This makes the Netherlands, one of Israel’s greatest friends in Europe, the second country in the European Union, after Britain, to recommend such labeling.

United Civilians for Peace statement says, Labeling products from Jewish settlements is a first step:

United Civilians for Peace welcomes the decision by the Dutch government to make labeling of products that originate in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Golan Heights mandatory. ...

The Dutch government now requires retailers to cooperate in the labeling of fresh fruit and vegetables, wine, honey, olive oil, fish, meat, chicken, eggs and cosmetics from Jewish settlements in the occupied territories. ...

Labeling of these products leads to clarity about the extent of illegal settlements earning profits from importing their products into Dutch shops. In 2009, a similar decision was made in the United Kingdom. The result was that many British supermarkets' imports of products from Jewish settlements ended.

... A decision for labeling throughout the EU is soon expected.

More pressure. From Israel National News:

The Dutch decision comes one week after the EU formally recommended that its 27 member states “prevent” Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria through an economic boycott of Jewish communities in those regions.

This article was first published at Mondoweiss.

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