Secretary Kerry: This Is Not What A Peace Process Looks Like


Secretary Kerry: this is not what a peace process looks like

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Dear Andrew,

Today for the first time in years, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are sitting down for formal peace talks.

Like you, we're monitoring these developments carefully.

And we're distressed that on the eve of talks, Israel announced 1,200 new illegal settlements - continuing a pattern of talking-while-building that stretches all the way back to Oslo.

So we've launched a new petition to hold Kerry accountable, and we need your help to move fast.

Secretary John Kerry has offered a deeply cynical response: instead of reminding Israeli officials they are on the wrong side of international law, he asked Palestinians not to "adversely respond."

That doesn't sound exactly like an impartial broker to us.

Help us reach 10,000 signatures telling Secretary Kerry he needs to demand that Israel cease settlement expansion immediately and prove he's serious about a real peace process.

If Kerry won't take a strong stand against settlements, there's no reason to believe that this round of peace talks are credible. In fact, pressuring Palestinians to make "hard compromises" while giving Israel a free pass to violate international law makes things worse.

Click here today: tell John Kerry to prove he's serious about this process by taking a strong stand against settlement expansion.

We all want peace - the kind that's just, legitimate, and lasting.


Rabbi Alissa Wise
Director of Campaigns

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