Militarization Of The Food Supply: Dr. Vandana Shiva

Raising awareness and inspiring change by calling up laws of truth over fictional laws of corporations.

  1. The Law of the Universe
  2. The Law of the Land
  3. The Law of the People Living on the Land
  4. Indigenous Rights

soil not oilDr. Shiva's inspirational presentation reminds us what is worth fighting for and what is at stake if we do not.

The U.S. government, in relationship with corporations, is perpetually engaging in wars of occupation, domestically and internationally; war on human health through dangerous, chemically controlled, non-food supplies and military wars through arms and weaponry, utilizing the same chemical companies to destroy all life forms.

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Consider furthering your understanding of these issues by reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

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People Power Can Change The World!

Thank You, Vandana Shiva, For Being One Of The Powerful!