7Hills Skatepark In Jordan: Creative Repair For Middle East Youth

Make Life ~ Skate Life
Make Life ~ Skate Life

Project Vision

7Hills seeks to provide under-served youth in Jordan with an accessible outlet for socializing and physical activity, and support and expand the existing Jordanian skateboarding community, by constructing a free of charge, community-built skatepark in the city center of Amman.


Skateboarding made its way to Jordan in 2002 and has since developed into a tight-knit street skating scene with about 25 skaters. Despite it’s lack of skateparks, Amman has become a hub for skateboarding in the region and home to the first Arabian skateboard company, Philadelphia Skateboards.


With over half of Jordan’s population under the age of 25, and growing rapidly from a massive influx of refugees, the country has a clear need for additional public recreation facilities.

The 7Hills Skatepark will provide under-served youth in Amman with an accessible outlet for socializing and physical activity, and allow them to become part of a community.

The central location of the park will provide easy access to many of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. Once the park is complete, skateboarding classes will be regularly taught by local skateboarders to encourage the development of new skateboarders. A free of charge equipment loaner system will be established to provide skateboards and safety gear to those who cannot afford it.


The city of Amman has already granted 7Hills permission to construct the skatepark within a massive and largely unused public park that is perfectly located within the city center, allowing for the possibility of future extensions. They have also pledged to provide construction equipment and other city resources.

The construction effort will be led by a team professional skatepark builders working as volunteers, who will both build and teach. Local youth will be encouraged to get involved so they can learn the necessary skills to be able to maintain and expand the 7Hills park, and hopefully construct their own parks in the future. We are aiming to construct the skatepark from November 17 - December 7.

100% of the funds raised from this campaign will be used to build an initial 300m² concrete skatepark. Any funds raised beyond our goal will be used toward building a larger park. As this is a fixed funding (all-or-nothing) campaign, 7Hills will only receive your donations and the skatepark will only be constructed if the campaign goal is reached.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping to make the 7Hills Skatepark a reality! We look forward to the involvement and contributions of people around the world so that together we can create a bright future for the skateboarding community in Jordan and the entire Middle East.

All donations will go through Make Life Skate Life, a German registered non-profit organization.

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Jon Chaconas_BuildingJon Chaconas graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and received his M.S. from UCLA.

After working 4 years in the aerospace industry, he left to creatively apply his skills to spread his passion for skateboarding and skatepark building around the world. His most recent project, 7Hills, is his first international collaboration in skate park design and construction.

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  1. I’m so happy to see this project come to fruition. Thank you for posting this on CL. It’s nice to see a fellow Davis graduate doing something cool— Jon should consider informing UC Davis alumni association for funding, too!
    Love Kali

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