Divestment Passes At UC Santa Cruz:

Sami W. Abeed

USTREAM video of the discussion and community statements from a historic night at UCSC: Divestment Bill passed on campus.

Here's my statement from 5 AM in the morning today.

It is 5 AM and I'm still coming down from one of the most exciting nights of my life. Tonight, the UC Santa Cruz Student Union Assembly passed a divestment bill by a simple majority vote, 22-14!!! The debate started at around 11:30 or midnight and the vote finally happened somewhere around 2 - 3 AM in the morning. This is a historic moment at UC Santa Cruz campus. The members of the Committee for Justice in Palestine worked really hard for this, but it could not have been done without a large turnout of other student organizations, like MECHA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán), MSA (Muslim Student Association), the Sikh Student Association, ABSA (African/Black Student Alliance), and members of the community. Thank you to everyone!!!

Tonight made me remember that as a community we stand strong!

In Solidarity,

BDS ~ UC Santa Cruz
BDS ~ UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz CJP

The Committee for Justice in Palestine, a UC Santa Cruz organization, that works to bring an end to the social injustice, oppression, and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.