No City Police Needs An Armored Tank: Demilitarize U.S. Police


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Sign the petition urging all local governments to follow the example of Davis, California—and tell their police to dump its military equipment.

Some of the most disturbing footage to come from Ferguson, Missouri involved the armored vehicles, assault weapons and body armor that police were using.

When did municipal law enforcement start looking like the U.S. military in Iraq?

This was no accident. Since 1996, the Pentagon has donated $4.3 billion in “surplus” military equipment to local and state police. After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security further militarized the police through federal grants to “fight terrorism.”

We have pushed Congress and the executive branch to take action after Ferguson, but change can also happen at the local level—and some communities are saying “no.”

In Davis, California, the Mayor and City Council have directed the Police Department to get rid of its $700,000 tank that the Department of Defense gave them. Let’s encourage more local governments to do this, as we fight to de-militarize our police.

Sign the petition, commending the Davis City Council for its bold action—and urging local governments everywhere to likewise demilitarize their police.

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