Stop Violent Intervention In Iraq and Syria

Updated to include Syria September 11, 2014
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Those of us who are lucky in living elsewhere should not be inhibited from thinking about them. Victims painfully narrated their experiences so that we may understand. Often times they do this in the belief that, if the world hears, there will be an outcry an something will be done.” ~ Daniel Glover

Dear President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Hagel:

We are writing as members of the human family with an urgent demand that all forms of violent intervention be removed from consideration in Iraq and now Syria. As members of the human collective we believe it is our moral duty to protect one another. In this spirit, we are asking our elected representatives to raise the bar and join in nonviolent support of Iraqi civil society.

We are responsible for the current state of unrest caused by the illegal occupation of Iraq, including war crimes yet to be acknowledged. We are ashamed that the U.S. would consider further acts of violence and protection only of U.S. interests in a countries not our own.

U.S interest in Iraq and Syria is blatantly clear; geopolitical control, weapon profits, securing markets, and upholding corporate greed. This is not acceptable to your constituents. We the people believe the true stakeholders are Iraqi civilians.

Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people, and Syria belongs to the Syrian people, not profiteers and outside governments. The U.S. role should be by invitation ONLY from Iraqi and Syrian civil society supporting Iraqi and Syrian led diplomatic solutions.

In the spirit of nonviolence we respectfully make the following demands:

  1. Stop weapon sales to the Middle East, including Iraq
  2. No air strikes by drone or jet on Iraqis and Syrians
  3. Pay reparations due the Iraqi people
  4. Support infrastructure repair BY Iraqis FOR Iraqis

Please consider the children, too easily forgotten, as the drum beats for more violent military action. The children of Iraq and Syria have suffered death, psychological trauma, destruction of their infrastructure, and losses unimaginable to most Americans.

We cannot burden the American, Iraqi, Syrian collective with any more death and destruction when we’ve only just begun to repair.

Remove Violent Intervention from Consideration in Iraq

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End date: Oct 15, 2014

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