Take a Moment for Gaza, The Planet, and Your Own Community


By taking one or more actions you join a growing conscious family working to: protect lives and livelihoods in Gaza and other Middle East Countries, reduce environmental degradation from weapons and warfare, and bring much needed funds back home to the U.S.

Sign petitions stopping weapon profits, civilian deaths, and the destruction of homes with our tax dollars:
Don't Let Israel Get Away With Gaza Massacre
Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends.
Stop Violent Intervention In Iraq

Support BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) to end profit from occupation, colonialism, and racism.
BDS Movement: Freedom, Justice, Equality

Join internationals demanding a military embargo on Israel.
Stop Arming Israel

Call representatives and tell them to stop arming Israel, stop sending financial aid to Israel, stop terrorizing civilians, lift the 7-year siege on Gaza, and honor international and human rights law for Palestinians too!

  1. President Barack Obama 202-456-1111 202-456-1414
  2. Vice-President Joe Biden 202-456-1414
  3. Secretary of State John Kerry 202-647-4000 202-647-6575
  4. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel 703-571-3343
  5. Locate State and Federal Representatives

Pay reparations to those in the Middle East who have suffered as a result of U.S. war profits and war crimes.

Participate in a local community action calling for justice.
Protests Around the World Respond to Assault on Gaza

Reflect on and share the names of those who died from US and Israel weapons, technology, and militarization.
Numbers Have Names
Names of the Gazan victims of Israeli Operation 'Protective Edge' from July 8th, 2014 formatted so one name prints per page. Updated August 13, 2014 - 1486 names


  1. Attend Stop Urban Shield in Oakland Friday, September 5th 4-6pm. Let’s let the world know that the SF Bay Area says no to Urban Shield anywhere. Not in Oakland - Not in the Bay - No to the Militarization of our communities everywhere! All out this Friday!
  2. Attend Santa Cruz Day of Outrage every Saturday at 1pm, Cooper House Santa Cruz, CA.

Join a social justice group in your community.
If there isn't one start one; the world needs you!


Get informed and stay informed.

Greed and profit from death and destruction is costing the environment, human health, resources, and diverse cultures and biodiversity.

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Toxic Remnants of War
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Brian Eno On The Israel-Gaza Crisis: How Can You Justify Images Such As This?

Travel, travel, travel!
See the world in all her unique splendor to know what is worth protecting.
Do we really want to see ourselves all over the world?