Akalá: Uncle Pompous

Akala began his career as a grime artist, but has moved away from the genre over time and has become a conscientious hip-hop artist, with many tracks containing heavily researched historical facts and deep messages. Akala's lyrics focus upon social class struggle, social conditioning and alienation among the disenfranchised.

About the Author:
Kingslee James Daley was born the son of a Jamaican father and Scottish mother and grew up in the Camden area of London, without the presence of his father. He was talented in numerous ways at a young age, including football where he was in both the West Ham United and Wimbledon youth teams, only to have his chances of playing professionally ended by injury. Additionally in 2006, a mixtape entitled A Little Darker was released under the name "Illa State", featuring Akala and his sister Ms. Dynamite. Akala appeared for a live session on BBC Radio 1Xtra where he was challenged to come up with a rap containing as many Shakespeare play titles as he could manage. Akala wrote and performed a minute-long rap containing 27 different Shakespeare play titles in under half an hour.

Akala's third album "Doublethink" was released in 2010, and holds a strong theme of George Orwell's popular novel 1984. Doublethink contained tracks such as "Find No Enemy" and "Yours and My Children" detailing some of the sights he saw on his trip to Brazil.