Greek People Raised The Bar Of Resistance To Financial Terrorism

By Ronan Burtenshaw

Athens Greece Photo by Len Tsou
Athens Greece Photo by Len Tsou


Greek Solidarity Committee welcomes “overwhelming” No vote in referendum, calls it “definitive repudiation” of austerity

The Greek Solidarity Committee Ireland, which organized a demonstration of thousands this Saturday In Dublin for a No vote in the country's referendum, has welcomed today’s overwhelming result

Rather than a narrow victory for either side the Greek referendum returned a vote of more than 60% for No. This amounts to a definitive repudiation of the Troika’s austerity policies and a clear endorsement of the line the SYRIZA government has followed since it was elected in January.

The Greek vote sends out a message of hope to Europe that we can live in societies based on democracy and social justice rather than gunboat diplomacy and endless austerity.

Ronan Burtenshaw, co-ordinator of the Committee,
said: “We call for the European institutions to recognize this vote. In practice, this means lifting the cap on the ELA so that Greek banks can reopen, putting debt relief on the table, as advocated by the IMF, and immediately ceasing the hostility towards the Greek government, which clearly enjoys a far greater mandate from its people than anyone else at the Eurogroup table.”

Thomae Kakouli, a member of the Greek community in Ireland,
said: “Greece has sent a message of dignity to Europe. This was a vote against austerity and the inhumane policies which cause such hardship, not only in Greece but across the continent. It also marks a victory for democracy - the Greek people have decided their future, and we invite other European populations to be allowed to do the same.”

Prof. Helena Sheehan, philosopher in DCU,
says: “Once again, the Greek people have raised the bar of resistance to the financial terrorism that has been waged against not only them but many populations across Europe since this crisis began. They should inspire us to think about electing a government in Ireland that represents popular interests and respects democracy as genuinely as theirs does.”

Ronan Burtenshaw, GSC Co-ordinator, 0861741254