Send Back The BearCat

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Send Back the BearCat

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Lenco BearCat Armored Vehicle

Last week, President Obama ended the federal government's transfer of military equipment to police departments and limited the transfer of a broader range of military-style equipment, including vehicles like the BearCat that our City Council recently allowed the Santa Cruz Police Department to purchase. This vehicle and its capabilities, including a battering ram, fall into many of the categories covered by the new directive from the President.

The President's action tells local governments and police everywhere that the American people - like the people of Santa Cruz - do not wish to see military-style vehicles rolling around their town and that the national trend toward militarization of local law enforcement must be halted and reversed.

We the undersigned support real community policing, and, therefore, DO NOT support the acquisition or use by our police department of the BearCat or any other military-style vehicle or weapon. The contract with the manufacturer states clearly that this vehicle can be returned and we urge the Santa Cruz City Council to follow President Obama's lead and rescind its approval of the BearCat purchase.

We, the People, are not the enemy. Militarized equipment sends the message that we are.


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SCRAM! Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization!

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Even Republican Senator Rand Paul knows it is inappropriate to supply police forces with military equipment.

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