Turn Back The BearCat Congressman Farr: Stop Militarization Of SCPD

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Join in asking Congressman Farr to consistently oppose militarization at home as well as abroad.

Sam Farr leads opposition to War in Iraq. The Carmel Democrat said he continues to oppose the war. He said he’s never heard, in any intelligence briefings, "anyone indicating the United States is under direct threat from Iraq."
Sam Farr leads opposition to War in Iraq. The Carmel Democrat said he continues to oppose the war. He said he’s never heard, in any intelligence briefings, "anyone indicating the United States is under direct threat from Iraq."

Sign the petition asking him to rescind his request for a Homeland Security grant to purchase a Lencon Bearcat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) for the Santa Cruz Police Department. This procurement would be in direct opposition to his own co-sponsored bill, HR 5478 titled “Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act.”

Congressman Farr: Turn Back the BearCat

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Dear Congressman Farr,

We write to express our dismay and disagreement with the decision made by Santa Cruz City Council to approve a request by the Santa Cruz Police Department, without public input, to secure a Military Designed Lencon BearCat with a Homeland Security grant. It is our understanding that the process for acquiring a BearCat was initiated by you in a letter sent Urban Area Security Initiative on September 26, 2013. This letter indicates your support for a CBRNE vehicle to go to SCPD “to protect Santa Cruz against terrorist attacks on the Boardwalk, UCSC, Lockheed-Marin and the Monterey Bay Sanctuary.

Community members and friends of Santa Cruz appose the growing trend to militarize police departments across the U.S. including Santa Cruz County. Since 9-11, politicians and various stakeholders in the military industrial complex have led us down a deceptive path into illegal invasions and occupations by inciting fear. We have paid the price at home with declining public services and watched almost helplessly as our country violates international and human rights law, justified by false statements about “weapons of mass destruction” and “terror threats.”

The domestic "terror threat" is a repackaged ruse to endlessly line the coffers of the military industry, broadening the range of profit from international into domestic spheres. We must not normalize militarized police response to civil unrest like we witnessed in Ferguson. If police are provided military equipment it will be used with military force; seen repeatedly across the U.S.

Congressman Farr, you co-sponsored bill HR 5478 titled “Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act.” Had it passed, it would have limited military gear going to police. We are asking you to remain consistent in your position and appose the militarization of Santa Cruz County.

Please rescind your letter of request for a CBRNE vehicle for SCPD.

You are re-elected and respected in part due to your unwavering apposition to war waged abroad in our name. According to a February 2003 Sentinel report: “The Carmel Democrat said he continues to oppose the war. He said he’s never heard, in any intelligence briefing, “anyone indicating the United States in under direct threat from Iraq.”

We believe the same holds true in 2015; Santa Cruz County, like the United States, is not under direct threat from Iraq or any "terrorist entity." What is under threat are civil liberties, a right to privacy, and the right to live free from militarized police violence. Surveillance and military force have never resolved social conflicts, but have only escalated them. Please continue your legacy of utilizing diplomacy to solve problems.

We do not want BearCats in the streets of Santa Cruz.
Join us in sending back the first and last BearCat.

Your Constituents and Friends of Santa Cruz County

One thought on “Turn Back The BearCat Congressman Farr: Stop Militarization Of SCPD”

  1. Dear Congressman Farr:

    You need to know opposition to the Bearcat acquisition comes not just from “the usual suspects” on the radical edge of Santa Cruz politics, but from a lot of us who count ourselves as “mainstream progressives” as well.
    I was shocked when I learned (just days before the City Council meeting authorizing the purchase) that Santa Cruz would even consider such equipment; especially in light of the way we’ve seen the vehicles deployed by agencies across the country over the past year or so.

    Respectfully submitted,

    /s/ AC Smith

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