US Silence Grants Israeli Government Impunity

Letter to the New York Times
By David Schermerhorn

Once again the Israeli military has attacked unarmed vessels in international waters attempting to reach the Port of Gaza. As one who was aboard the first three ships to break the Israeli siege in 2008 and was later captured in the 2010 Flotilla I am again appalled at the Israeli actions. Even more so I am disappointed in the lack of any declaration of outrage by the US Government at this violation of international law. Our silence again grants the Israeli Government impunity in their expanding list of illegal actions that should never be condoned or supported by our government.

In this time of a growing threat from ISIL the one common bond among disparate Islamic factions is the continuing Israeli assaults on the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people. It is long overdue for the United States to reaffirm its treasured ideals and abandon its expedient support of the cruel and repugnant policies of a state that does not support our interests but instead becomes each day a more increasing embarrassment when identified as our chief Ally in the Middle East.

David K. Schermerhorn