Local Boycotts Of G4S: Responding To The Orlando Massacre

We mourn with Orlando, Florida. We mourn as witnesses of the largest massacre on this continent since Wounded Knee in 1890.

In this mourning, we also see that we are galvanized by our sadness to rally together as small communities dotting the earth, as people rooted in our local places, our homes. We are inspired to undo systemic violence, which is why G4S stock prices fell when people learned that the Orlando shooter was an employee of the company. It is a sign that the world sees the direct links between corporate profit and mass violence.

Graphic: Boycott Israel Network
Graphic: Boycott Israel Network

We know that our struggles against supremacy and oppression are interconnected. We work for Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), which is an organization working for justice in Palestine, and we are proud that this Christian organization stands in solidarity and mourning with our LGBTQ sisters and brothers.

We work in our own local community to say “No” to the corporate complicity of companies like G4S, that profit from the incarceration of black youth, from the deportation of brown families, from the occupation of Palestine, and from ongoing cycles of systemic violence that are a harm to us all.

As people struggling for justice in Palestine, we know that the liberation of Palestine is not the only struggle, or the primary answer to this tragedy. We focus on this work because we believe the actions that produce conditions for the liberation of Palestine are the same as those for healing from and preventing mass violence all over the world.

We are reminded, as the Centennial anniversary of the Balfour Declaration approaches this Fall, that powerful men writing very simple memos have the capacity to utterly transform the world.

Now is the time for policy change: stop unconditional support for the Security-Industrial Complex.

Policy change is not simply a Congressional matter.

It involves local communities boycotting public contracts with G4S, which is complicit in the abuse of predominantly black minors in Florida.

It involves ending unconditional backing for Israel. The US restocks Israel’s arsenal after bombing Gaza.

It involves insistence by the American public that the US adhere to Leahy Law, which requires the suspension of financial support for units of force suspected of violating a human right.

It involves rejecting the military’s sale of overstock Bearcat armored vehicles to local police forces...

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G4S-Securing Apartheid
G4S-Securing Apartheid

This article was first published at Mondoweiss.