There Is Nothing Moderate About Depriving Syrian People Of Bread: U.S. Backed Rebel Farce

By Eva Bartlett

Last night in an informal meeting with Minister of Reconciliation, Dr. Ali Haidar, he noted that the Syrian government continues to provide services (electricity, water, health care) to areas occupied by terrorists, like Raqqa, Idlib, Deir ez Zor. This speaks volumes about the Syrian government, that in spite of the presence of terrorists in these areas, the government continues to provide services for the trapped civilians there.

The Syrian government, continually demonized by MSM presstitutes and talking heads, under sanctions and under 5 years of foreign war, continues to provide for its civilians... even in terrorist-occupied areas!

Eva Bartlett in al-Waer, Homs bread factory.
Eva Bartlett in al-Waer, Homs bread factory.

Personally, when I visited al-Waer district of Homs last December I was told that same point by a local journalist, who noted that the population inside is not paying for the electricity, water... because terrorist factions inside wouldn't allow it to begin with, as a means of attacking the government. Additionally, at the last checkpoint to al-Waer I saw the bread factory, wheat and electricity to run it supplied by the Syrian government, the bread for the population of al-Waer. I also saw trucks delivering food and medicine to the population, as well as doctors from Homs going to work in al-Waer.

 Syrian Government providing bread for the people.
Syrian Government providing bread for the people.

When in Aleppo a few weeks ago, I met with the Aleppo Medical Association, including Dr. Tony Sayegh, who noted, on terrorist-occupied areas of Aleppo:

"The government has doctors working in that area and they get their salaries from the government."

He also noted on areas outside of Aleppo city:

"...All the areas where there are terrorists, like al-Manbij, like al-Bab, there are many doctors working with the health ministry, and they take their salaries from the health ministry."

When the MSM bleats on about the Syrian government depriving the people of their needs, turn the telly off.

Bread Factory

Video Inside the Bread Factory

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