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CDC Is Not Enough

Basic understanding of how tick born pathogens behave in the human host in advance of exposure could protect the quality of life you or your loved one's currently enjoy. Trusting the CDC standard of care for testing and treating tick born illness (TBI) is not sufficient.

Know the FACTS about Tick Born Illnesses (TBI) and their co-infections:

  1. These pathogens are widespread in the environment. Take preventative measures.
  2. Do your homework. Learn what microbiologist have discovered about these organisms.
  3. Know early signs and symptoms of TBI, including Tick Born Relapsing Fever (TBRF) and other TBD's.
  4. Would your physician advocate for you if you contracted a TBI? Save time, money and possibly your life by knowing the answer in advance.
  5. Seek immediate intervention from a Lyme Literate Physician, one who upholds the Hippocratic Oath over the interests of corporate medicine and insurance companies.
  6. Petition your representative to increase funding for research, testing, treatment, and CDC policy change.
  7. Support current education and action.

These pathogens are endemic to California, the U.S. and throughout the world. Based on interviews with physicians, microbiologists, and public health officials we can expect tick born pathogens to continue emerging in new locations. I learned about a pathogen in my own home town, Borrelia miyamotoi, last summer. Public health officials at CDC have known of its existence since 2001 but its name did not reach the public airwaves until January 2014, one year after the first U.S. citizens were diagnosed.

Borrelia miyamotoi has been detected in all tick species that are vectors of Lyme disease.

One or more years can pass before the CDC informs the public of these pathogens {exampled above.} I am speaking here of illness that can cause autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, heart disorders, and death. Not only is there a critical time laps in messaging, it goes out as a whisper when it should be the loudest shout out in our communities. Meanwhile infected individuals remain perplexed, ill, without diagnoses, misdiagnosed, and neglected by physicians, social services, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

Immune Evasion

Some of the microorganisms responsible for tick born illness possess a unique mechanism, antigenic variation. This brilliant adaptive quality is what allows the bacterium to evade the human host's immune system making it difficult to detect, treat, and cure. Spirochetes have an affinity to particular body systems: brain, heart, spleen and/or vessels. If an infected person does not receive prompt treatment the organism can cross the blood brain barrier within weeks, perhaps days or even hours.

The prognosis in these complex infections is determined by the interplay between the host (the innate immune response), the pathogen, and treatment. If physicians dismiss fevers, sweats, headaches, fatigue, abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain as a passing flu or some other illness the outcome is not favorable.

Stop A Potential Pandemic

The announcement this year of a new spirochetal infection in the United States, Borrelia miyamotoi, examples what little we know and understand regarding potentially unidentified tick born pathogens.

TBI will soon reach pandemic proportions if we continue to ignore the glaring signs contributing to the rapid rise in these Zoonotic Diseases.

This does not have to happen; however, it will take a dedicated effort between state and federal agencies, science, medicine, physicians and patients.

Please visit UnderOurSkin home page and see how you can get involved.
Improve a life, save a life, perhaps your own.

People Power Can Change the World!
Thank You for Being One of the Powerful!

*Special note: Though TBDA and CDC both suggest the use of pesticides and chemicals to combat TBI, Cognitive Liberty does not support using chemicals on your body, clothing, or in the environment.

Research has NOT shown this practice to reduce contraction of TBI. We believe chemicals are a primary contributor to the dramatic imbalance in nature, exacerbating Cross-Species Pathogen Transmission and Disease.

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