It's Not Over: Daniel Sheehan on DAPL and Tigerswan

It's Not Over!

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Recently leaked documents reveal that TigerSwan, a private security firm hired by DAPL parent company Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), operated without a license in North Dakota. TigerSwan also employed unlawful, paramilitary style tactics to suppress the movement by targeting, surveilling, and provoking the peaceful and prayerful water protectors at Standing Rock.

Ask North Dakota's State's Attorney for Morton County to drop the charges against water protectors and hold TigerSwan and ETP accountable by making them pay for the state's costs resulting from law enforcement actions at Standing Rock.

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Signing the petition with send the following message to Allen Koppy State's Attorney of Morton County. You will also have the option to personalize your message.

Drop charges against water protectors

I am writing to ask you to work with your fellow elected officials and use every means in your power to drop all charges against the water protectors arrested at Standing Rock.

Recently unearthed documents and revelations published by several media outlets show that TigerSwan, the private security firm contracted by Dakota Access pipeline parent company Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), violated the law in numerous ways. A growing body of evidence shows that TigerSwan:

• Knowingly operated in the State of North Dakota without a license to provide security services;

• Paid security agents and employees to infiltrate camps to provoke violence, disruption, and dissent among the nonviolent water protectors, create divisions based on race and religion, and plant contraband in the belongings of peaceful and prayerful demonstrators;

• Engaged in a campaign to spread false and defaming information about water protectors and Native American tribal leaders in local, state, and national media outlets and on social media;

• Directed state and local law enforcement to take action based on physical and electronic surveillance that violated individuals’ constitutional rights to privacy and that targeted people based on race and religion;

• Falsely characterized the nonviolent water protectors as “religiously motivated jihadists” and “domestic terrorists” in order to justify extreme and ongoing violence against them, causing one young woman to lose her eye and another to lose use of her arm.

I urge State Attorney Allen Koppy to take decisive action to protect First Amendment rights by ordering the immediate dismissal, with prejudice, of all state criminal cases brought against the more than 800 water protectors as a result of their participation in legal, protected protest against the Dakota Access pipeline and attendant threats to their livelihoods, safety, and sacred religious spaces.

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About the Author
Daniel Sheehan has helped lead the Romero Institute since 1992. A Harvard-trained attorney, his work for forty-four years has placed him at the center of many of the most important legal cases of our time. His lawsuits have involved the Watergate and Iran-Contra Scandals, the Pentagon Papers, and the killing of Karen Silkwood. He is former chief counsel of the Christic Institute and the Office of Social Ministries for the Jesuits.