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Killing “Snakes” and Self


“Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing…more »

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Divestment Passes At UC Santa Cruz:

BDS ~ UC Santa Cruz

Sami W. Abeed USTREAM video of the discussion and community statements from a historic night at UCSC: Divestment Bill passed on campus. Here’s my statement from 5 AM in the morning today. It is 5 AM and I’m still coming down from one of the most exciting nights of my life. Tonight, the UC Santa…more »

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Aerospace Worker: “I Installed Chemtrail Devices”

One of many aircraft fitted with spray nozzles

Aeropsace Worker Jens Gives Us A Wake Up Call At the Monday Demonstration in Dresden on May 12, 2014, a guy came forward during the open mike session and told the audience he participated in installing chemtrails devices on airplanes. Guess what happened when he went to the local representatives with proof in hand. The…more »

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Stand Up For Academic Freedom: Why Is Paletine Taboo At Columbia College?

iymen Chehade

URGENT ACTION ITEM! According to Columbia College, they are: For creatives. By creatives. “We are a creative powerhouse, a wildly diverse collective of the world’s leading artists and communicators—students and faculty who share a passion for creative work and enterprise that reflect, support and most importantly, shape the culture of our times.” If this is…more »

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The Assault On Iraqi Agriculture: U.S. Modern Day Gene-ocide

A woman in Iraq inspects her once-fertile, now-parched land. Drought is decimating agriculture in Iraq and making it impossible for many farmers to remain on their land (Source: Hadi Mizban, AP.)

By Daniel Stone Introduction ~ Cognitive Liberty U.S. Rape Culture: The U.S. not only rapes, pillages and plunders, it literally sows its seed to rot and ruin the land it occupies from the inside out. Was it not crime enough to alter the reproductive lives of Iraqis through depleted uranium, strontium, and other yet to…more »

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Truly Honoring Mandela

Freedom of the Palestinians

By Carol Murry Apartheid in Israel with U.S. Support US President Barack Obama expressed his hope to meet Nelson Mandela during his 2013 trip to the Republic of South Africa. He spoke of trying to answer the call to action against apartheid issued by Nelson Mandela, after his release from 27 years imprisonment on Robben…more »

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Google’s Two-State Solution

Google Palestine

ACTION ITEM BELOW TO THANK LARRY PAGE FOR JUST ACT The Internet giant isn’t waiting for Palestinians and Israelis to settle their differences. On the first of the month, without firing off a press release, Google changed its home page in Gaza and the West Bank from “Google: Palestinian Territories” to “Google: Palestine.” It turns…more »

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Confronting The “Moral Bankruptcy” Of Iraq War’s Liberal Supporters

Chris Hedges

Prior to the start of the Iraq War on March 19, 2003, New York Times journalist Chris Hedges (right) occupied a lonely perch among major media journalists. He opposed the war. Today, Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winner and now a columnist for the website Truthdig, continues to write with the passion of a man set…more »

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UCSC Expansion Denied By Court

Photo by Debra Ellis

Forest Gets a Reprieve Thanks to a small group of Santa Cruz citizens, University plans to build on 270 acres of forest north of campus are on hold. The California State Court of Appeals has ruled that the City of Santa Cruz’s Environmental Impact Report for water service to the campus expansion is inadequate. The…more »

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U.S. Weapons Now In Somali Terrorist’ Hands

Ugandan soldier in U.S. weapons supplied mission.

Photo by David Axe Bad news in the five-year-old U.S. proxy war against al-Qaida–allied Somali insurgents. Half of the U.S.-supplied weaponry that enables cash-strapped Ugandan and Burundian troops to fight Somalia’s al-Shabab terror group is winding up in al-Shabab’s hands. The kicker: It’s the cash-strapped Ugandans who are selling the weapons to the insurgents. This…more »

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