Articles by Debra Ellis

Debra is recently retired from University of California Santa Cruz. She received her MS from Florida State University in Counseling and Human Systems. She credits students, illegal U.S. military occupations, Palestinians, Iraqis, Native Americans, and a military family for awakening her to the plight of oppressed populations. She has engaged in extensive introspection, study and travel with her daughter Kali Rubaii to better understand violence, power, oppression, forgiveness and beauty. She has lived and worked in partnership with displaced families in Tibet, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Rwanda. Debra was one of many passengers on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, who attempted to break Israel’s illegal siege of Gaza. The principles that lead the U.S. to violate human beings are destroying nature, thus ourselves. Debra works to develop multi-generational reparation, learning from those we’ve oppressed, how to shift death culture to life culture. She is a co-founder of ISLAH ( an organization designed for those who feel they were/are complicit in war, occupation, and displacement and who want to take responsibility for harm committed in their name.

Stop Israeli Home Demolition In Susiya Village, Palestine

Friends, Rabbis for Human Rights and B'Tselem released the urgent press release, below, describing the Israeli Army's meeting with Susiya's families to notify them of the imminent demolition of their village. In response, Representative Anna Eshoo is circulating a Dear Colleague letter (complete letter below) urging Secretary Kerry, "to take immediate action to prevent the … Continue reading Stop Israeli Home Demolition In Susiya Village, Palestine

Why Does UN Hire G4S, Accomplice To Israeli Torture?

While Israel increases its use of arbitrary arrest and detention as a tool of political repression against Palestinians, the British corporation G4S is continuing to profit from its contracts with the Israeli prison system. So why is the United Nations one of the firm’s customers? Six Palestinian human rights organizations recently wrote to UN Secretary … Continue reading Why Does UN Hire G4S, Accomplice To Israeli Torture?

SJP West Letter To Janet Napolitano

Join a growing list of signatories asking President Napolitano to reject the proposal before UC Regents to adopt the State Department’s redefinition of anti-Semitism. It is a fundamental skill of higher learning to critique. Critiquing national policy, including policies of the state of Israel, is not anti-Semitic. Censoring critique; however, is anti-education. Please read and … Continue reading SJP West Letter To Janet Napolitano

One Boat From Gaza-Bound Flotilla Expected To Reach Coastline In Next Two Days

Israeli army says it is gathering intelligence and preparing to stop any boats. The organizers of an international flotilla looking to break the maritime blockade of Gaza predicted that one of its boats will reach the Gaza coastline Sunday evening or Monday morning. Swedish vessel the Marianne is currently in international waters heading toward Gaza, … Continue reading One Boat From Gaza-Bound Flotilla Expected To Reach Coastline In Next Two Days

Unstoppable Growth Of Israeli Settlements

The unstoppable growth of Israel’s settlements, widely considered illegal under international law continues. Inigo Gilmore looks at the country’s ultranationalist religious right, emboldened by recent election results, and increasingly divided from its secular left. Israeli Settlements Out of Control This was first published at Channel 4.

Freedom Flotilla III Sets Sail: #NextPortGaza

Freedom Flotilla III sets sail: #NextPortGaza Today, June 27th 2015 (4 am in Gaza), four boats of the 2015 the Freedom Flotilla III set sail from their final European points of departure. Through nonviolent resistance they will challenge the illegal blockade of the Palestinian Gaza strip, which is running on its 9th year, sailing as … Continue reading Freedom Flotilla III Sets Sail: #NextPortGaza

Congressman Farr: Justifying Violence Through Trade

Introduction Below is Congressman Sam Farr's response to constituents who actively appose passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA.) They understand, in spite of Farr's claim, that this bill supports corporate interest not California jobs, safe food, and the environment. Furthermore, his position places him in clear opposition to international, human rights law by legitimizes the … Continue reading Congressman Farr: Justifying Violence Through Trade

Stephen Zunes: Farr Backs Trade Bill Supporting Occupation, Settlements

Monterey Bay-area peace and human rights activists are expressing dismay that Rep. Sam Farr was one of only 28 Democrats to support a trade bill that for the first time formally defines “Israel” as including Palestinian and Syrian territories seized by Israeli forces recognized by the international community as under foreign belligerent occupation. Part of … Continue reading Stephen Zunes: Farr Backs Trade Bill Supporting Occupation, Settlements

#FreedomFlotilla Sets Sail; Urge Kerry to Oppose Attack

Freedom Flotilla III Minutes ago, international peace advocates aboard the Freedom Flotilla III announced their departure from European ports to the port of Gaza via international waters, to protest the illegal blockade of 1.8 million human beings in Gaza. [1] Former US Army Col. Ann Wright and USS Liberty veteran Joe Meadors are on board. … Continue reading #FreedomFlotilla Sets Sail; Urge Kerry to Oppose Attack

Mapping Militarism

World Beyond War has created a set of online interactive maps to help us all see where and how war and preparations for war exist in the world today. Included are wars, troops, weapons shipments, military spending, particular weapons, and respect for the rule of law. You can find the maps we’ve created thus far … Continue reading Mapping Militarism