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Gaza ~ Operation Protective Edge, August 2014

It was on bloody feet that I arrived in Palestine. When I was seven, I tromped through the oily jungles of Central and South America, not fully realizing the arches of civil war implicating my blue American passport in its weave. I handed over the document as a currency of empire. Why I didn’t feel…more »

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Appeal to UCSC Administration To Stay Human


On April 2, 2014, UCSC Union Leader Josh Brahinsky peacefully attempted to exercise his legal right to picket. After announcing his affiliation and intention to officers, he then tried to comply with their orders by walking away. Instead, UC Berkeley officers in riot gear arrested him with unnecessary force, while UCSC Chief of Police Nader…more »

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Syria: The Soap


The Soap Syria washes everything off my hands. This block of olive oil, hard and smooth, glistens and makes no foam or bubbles. It sits on the far side of the sink. It washes everything off my hands. The cat dander. The bruised squished peach. The to-do list I write in the space between my…more »

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Letter From UCSC Student In Israeli Live Fire Zone

Photo by Jessica Kali Rubaii

Dear Friends, Representatives, and Family, If you are receiving this note, you were contacted by those concerned for my safety and well being, as well as the safety of village members in Al Aqaba, a village located in Area C of the Jordan Valley (in the West Bank). Thank you for all of your work…more »

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University of California Anthropologist Petitions for Children’s Freedom of Expression

Photo by Matthew DeMaio

The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland, California was scheduled to display artwork by Palestinian youth from September 24th to November 13th. The exhibit has been canceled. The artwork depicts children’s experiences with war, similar to displays of former exhibits by children of war. According to Hilmon Sorey, the museum board’s chairman, “the museum couldn’t…more »

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