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Here’s how Sadeq can get married

Graphic: Architect Hani Hassan designed energy efficient homes that are expandable to 2 stories, a good way to care for aging parents someday

Sadeq and his fiancé are ready to marry. He has a job — check. He can support a wife and family — check. As soon as their house is finished — pending, they can get married. Sadeq’s family, his neighbors, and the American nonprofit called Rebuilding Alliance are building him an affordable 3 bedroom home…more »

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#NoScarJo: Should Oxfam Sever Ties With Scarlett Johansson?

Eliza Anyangwe

Just seven days after Oxfam was last in the news with its report on growing global inequality, the international NGO is making headlines again but for very different reasons. It seems its celebrity ambassador, Scarlett Johansson, has signed an advertising deal with SodaStream International Ltd, an Isreali company operating in the West Bank. According to…more »

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World Hijab Day


Cognitive Liberty invites women and men to join Nazma Khan in her effort to interrupt Islamaphobia through a global act of solidarity. WHD is short for World Hijab Day This second annual event will be held on February 1st, 2014 (God willing). On this day, we ask Non-Muslim and Non-Hijabi Muslim women worldwide to observe…more »

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State of Emergency in Gaza: Urgent Action!

Photo by M. Omer

Action Alert: Please Contact Kerry Gazans need our help now! Contact Secretary of State John Kerry Write: U.S. Department of State 2201 C ST., NW Washington, DC 20520 Call: 202-647-4000; select option 4 and ask operator for the comment line. 202-647-6575 (Public Communication Division); select option 8 to leave your comment. It is cold, there…more »

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Stop Destruction Of Palestinian Village

Standing up to oppression in Susya (Arabic: سوسية‎, Hebrew: סוּסְיָא)

Take A Stand! Sign Phillip’s Move-On petition To be delivered to John Kerry, Secretary of State, Daniel B. Shapiro, U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Michael Ratney, Consul General, Jerusalem, Beth Jones, Ass’t Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Moshe Yaalon, Israeli Defense Minister, Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA-2), Sen. Tim Kaine (VA-2), and President Barack Obama. December…more »

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Bees Are US: Protect Our Bees, Say No To Bayer And Syngenta

Photo by Ken Duret

Take action to protect our bees! Wow. Bayer has just sued the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees around the world. A huge public push won this landmark ban only months ago — and we can’t sit back and let Big Pesticide overturn it while the…more »

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Sign The Petition For Rasmea Odeh: Homeland Security “Terrorizing” US Citizens

Rasmea Odeh

Drop the Charges against Rasmea Yousef Odeh Sign the petition here: Signing the petition will generate a direct email to: U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade Assistant U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Barry Jonas U.S. Attorney General Eric Holde and other public officials, demanding that the charges against Rasmea Odeh…more »

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Daisy Chain Necklaces: A Tribute To Syria

Can you think of anything more fun than jumping from this large water wheel on a hot summer Syrian day? I didn't think so.  It was only out of respect for cultural norms that I didn't jump from the bridge of observation and give it a go.

A Tribute To Syria: Part I When your Arabic is limited, but you long to communicate with the children around you, there is nothing like the language of a daisy chain necklace. Thank you Syria for sharing your beautiful countryside, ancient cities, unique history, art, music, and most of all your smiling children during my…more »

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Secretary Kerry: This Is Not What A Peace Process Looks Like


Secretary Kerry: this is not what a peace process looks like Click here to tell him now! Dear Andrew, Today for the first time in years, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are sitting down for formal peace talks. Like you, we’re monitoring these developments carefully. And we’re distressed that on the eve of talks, Israel announced…more »

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Congress Should Support Equal Rights, Not Israel’s Systemic Discrimination


Dear Supporter, I am writing to you today to urge you to speak out and take action against a bill in which the U.S. government would codify Jim Crow-like policies against its citizens traveling to Israel. Eight months ago, I was a high school English teacher living in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah….more »

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