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AIPAC Member Threatens To Sue Code Pink Over Parody Video


AIPAC Video This AIPAC parody video seems to have hit a nerve. An “influential” AIPAC member thinks it was created by the group Code Pink and is threatening litigation. A Code Pink press release says: On February 25th, an AIPAC member called a CODEPINK staffer threatening legal action in response to a controversial video clip…more »

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Thank You Congressman Farr: A Congressional Voice Of Reason

Congressman Sam Farr

Thank you Congressman Farr, for exercising reason, law, and ethics in making a stand against a U.S. military strike on Syria. We, your constituents, are equally troubled by the fact “that there has been NO discussion by the Obama Administration about alternatives to a military strike.” This fact alone makes us suspect of the real…more »

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Obama Has No Authority To Attack Syria

Photo by Debra Ellis

Despite his own recent statements to the contrary, President Barack Obama has no legal authority to assault the government of Syria even as “a warning shot.” Neither the United States Constitution, nor the War Powers Act of 1973 gives him such authority in the absence of an emergency that allows Congress no time to react….more »

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Bringing The Battlefield Home: Are Americans In Line For Gitmo?

Detainees at Guantanamo Bay in 2002

Exclusive: Though the 9/11 attacks occurred more than a decade ago, Congress continues to exploit them to pass evermore draconian laws on “terrorism,” with the Senate now empowering the military to arrest people on U.S. soil and hold them without trial, a serious threat to American liberties, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. Ambiguous but alarming…more »

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Congressional Tourists Avoid Apartheid in Israel

Photo:  Reuters/Darren Whiteside

Written by Ahmad Tibi As a Palestinian member of the Knesset, I know American lawmakers aren’t being shown the reality of life here. A Palestinian woman waits behind a wall after she was refused entry to cross into Jerusalem from Israel’s Qalandiya checkpoint. Americans, do you know where your member of Congress is? Flocking to…more »

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Do Your Representatives Work for You or AIPAC?

US and Israel Flags

written by Mya Guarnieri 81 Congressmen Head to Israel The American economy is in a crisis. Suburbs are falling into poverty. Schools are struggling. Cities teeter on the edge of bankruptcy. And 81 U.S. Congressmen are off in Israel when they should be here, dealing with the mountain of problems facing the American people —…more »

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