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The New Gold Rush Israel’s Most Important Source of Capital: California

The California-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Stopping the Flow of Capital Last Saturday between one and two thousand protesters marched on the Port of Oakland to blockade one of its busy marine terminals and prevent an Israeli ship from docking. After confronting a line of police guarding the waterfront the protesters declared victory; the Zim Lines vessel hovered offshore, afraid to…more »

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Verdict In Palestinian Protest Case

Caterpillar D9 Militarized Weapon

We Will Take The Next Breath, And The Next Step Divestment Request from Caterpillar Inc. This week the verdict was announced for a lawsuit filed by Rachel Corrie’s family against the Israeli government. Rachel was a 23 year old volunteer peace activist in Gaza, Occupied Palestine, when she was killed in 2003. She was crushed…more »

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College Student Challenges Caterpillar

Caterpillar Destroys Lives

Written by Gabriel Matthew Schivone Arizona student Gabriel Matthew Schivone was invited to address the annual stockholder meeting of the Caterpillar Corporation that took place this year at the Marriot Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, Texas as a proxy shareholder on behalf of the largest Jewish-American peace group, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and other…more »

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