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FAA Contrail Cloud Experiment Without Public Consent

FAA Experiment Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA.

Experiment creates ominous sky over Santa Cruz, California. Winter Sky in Santa Cruz The following images were taken on three different days this winter from various locations in Santa Cruz County, California. They demonstrate how aircraft dispersant turns a clear day into one filled with contrail clouds, part of an international experiment according to a…more »

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Al Maghrib المغربية: Part I

Tethered black camels of the Maghreb region in eastern Morocco.

Meander through Morocco (Arabic: المغرب‎ al-Maghrib ; Berber: Elmeɣrib/Amerruk) The following photos are a small collection of friendly faces and fascinating scenes from a month’s travel through Morocco, beginning in the port city of Tangier and heading south east through Chefchaouen and Fes toward the Atlas Mountains. After crossing the mid and high Atlas Mountains…more »

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Occupy Wall Street With Fellow U.S. Citizens


When I approached Liberty Plaza around 6 am this morning (10/14), I saw a huge crowd gather there ready to defend the peaceful occupation from eviction planned at 7 am. I was thrilled to mingle with the 3,000+ crowd, mainly young people, students, unions and New Yorkers. At about 6:20 am when the people’s microphone…more »

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Censorship of Children’s Art

Thanks to dedicated activists (adults), the art found its way to the streets.

Children’s art is censored by The Museum of Children’s Art (MOCA) in Oakland. We are providing you the opportunity to view what others do not want you to see. It is important to ask who does not want you to view this art and why? Take a look below and let us know what you…more »

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