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UC Students Denounce CA Assembly Resolution HR 35: Demand UC Stop Profiting From Israel’s Occupation

Campus Divestment from Israel, because it's the right thing to do.

The Scholars’ Letter Last week, scholars and university faculty issued a public statement and letter to the 66 California Assembly-members who drafted, sponsored and passed a resolution on 28 August calling on university administrators to address what the assembly called “anti-Semitism” on campuses — but what many see as a clear attempt to curb Palestine…more »

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University Of California Takes Aim At Human Rights Activists

The University Of California

Yudof Targets Activists and Professors From the Vietnam War to the Central American revolutions to apartheid South Africa to the East Timor occupation to the invasion of Iraq , university campuses have been an important venue for concerned scholars and activists to raise issues regarding human rights, international law and US foreign policy. However, in…more »

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Why Is Palestine Solidarity Being Criminalized On California Campuses?


Written by Kristin Szremski Civil rights statutes are being used to silence campus solidarity work. Cooperation between academic authorities at the University of California at Davis and influential Zionist organizations could have an adverse impact on Palestine solidarity work there and on college campuses across the country. The implications of what is unfolding on the…more »

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Günter Grass: ‘What Must Be Said’

We Will Not Be Silent

Written by Günter Grass What must be said Why have I kept silent, held back so long, on something openly practiced in war games, at the end of which those of us who survive will at best be footnotes? It’s the alleged right to a first strike that could destroy an Iranian people subjugated by…more »

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Anti-Semitism On Campus

The University Of California, Santa CRuz

Written by Cary Nelson, AAUP President, and Kenneth Stern, American Jewish Committee Anti-Semitism Allegations at Berkeley, UCSC and Rutgers Recently, there have been allegations of anti-Semitism at three universities—the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Rutgers. Any claim of bigotry must be treated with the utmost seriousness, not only because…more »

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Re-interpretation of Civil Rights Act threatens free speech at UC Santa Cruz


Kristin Szremski, Special to the Mercury News, 05/18/2011 Free speech and the unimpeded exchange of ideas are under attack on America’s college campuses. Federal funding for institutions of higher education, including moneys for research and academic conferences, may be hanging in the balance. In March, federal authorities from the Office of Civil Rights within the…more »

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