Al Maghrib المغربية: Part I

Meander through Morocco

(Arabic: المغرب‎ al-Maghrib ; Berber: Elmeɣrib/Amerruk)

The following photos are a small collection of friendly faces and fascinating scenes from a month's travel through Morocco, beginning in the port city of Tangier and heading south east through Chefchaouen and Fes toward the Atlas Mountains. After crossing the mid and high Atlas Mountains I traveled toward Mekne's Tafilalet of the Maghreb region in eastern Morocco. Following a number of days in the Sahara Desert an infrequently traveled road took me back into the high Atlas to Todgha Gorge.

The wonders of Marrakech unfolded next followed by Casablanca, then Rabat where the streets were alive in protest over Israel's invasion of Gaza,"Operation Cast Lead". Moroccans were confident that with the newly elected president, Barack Obama, his leadership would change relations between the East and the West.

A number of traditional pottery pieces purchased in Rabat, were wrapped among the garments of three backpacks, making it through Spain and home to happy recipients in California without a single break in route. Final days were spent in the artist's coastal town of Kenitra ~ a Moroccan Santa Cruz.

Perhaps I've captured some of the colors, textures and textiles, collision of cultures, changing geographical terrain, and warmth of the local people in these and photos to come, Al Maghrib المغربية: Part II.