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Celebrating International Freedom Day In Gaza

Alice Walker was on board The Audacity of Hope flotilla

People from around the world stand in solidarity with Gaza, a community of people so squeezed by Israeli occupation, yet so resilient and lively. We celebrate International Freedom Day in Gaza with some of the activists who joined the US Freedom Flotilla to Gaza to break the blocade. We asked them why they joined: “What…more »

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Truly Honoring Mandela

Freedom of the Palestinians

By Carol Murry Apartheid in Israel with U.S. Support US President Barack Obama expressed his hope to meet Nelson Mandela during his 2013 trip to the Republic of South Africa. He spoke of trying to answer the call to action against apartheid issued by Nelson Mandela, after his release from 27 years imprisonment on Robben…more »

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University Class Action Lawsuit Over Fundraiser

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey logo

The University is facing a possible class-action lawsuit two years after a fundraiser for a flotilla ship against the Israeli blockade of Gaza was not paid out. Infringing on Freedom of Speech Chemistry professor Larry Romsted, along with University alumna and part-time lecturer Manijeh Saba, are suing the University for failure to release the funds,…more »

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Enemies Of The State

Hedy Epstein, one of 36 passengers aboard the Audacity of Hope ~ U.S. Boat to Gaza, in front of a cargo of love letters. Photo by Debra Ellis

Take Action Today! Become a signatory on the letter below opposing H. R. 3131. A bill has been introduced into congress that, if passed, could set a precedent allowing the State Department to investigate you as an enemy of the state. “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” ~ Voltaire In…more »

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The Audacity Of Obama’s Political Cowardice and Expediency

David Schermerhorn

Written by David Schermerhorn Israel continues blockade of ships to Gaza. I have just returned from Turkey where I had hoped to join the Canadian boat Tahrir that together with the Irish vessel Saoirse would attempt to reach Gaza in an effort to break the 44-year blockade by Israel. Both ships were stopped, boarded in…more »

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Alice Walker Fights Anti-Palestinian Bias

Photo by Debra Ellis

Interview by Dennis Bernstein Pulitzer-winning author Alice Walker sees a reflection of the injustice done to African-Americans in today’s treatment of the Palestinians, leading her to object when the artwork of Palestinian children is barred from U.S. museums and to join a flotilla that challenged Israel’s blockade of Gaza, as Dennis Bernstein reports. Alice Walker…more »

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Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran

Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

There are mounting signs that the right-wing Israeli government may think the timing is right for an attack on Iran, with growing alarms inside Israel about alleged Iranian progress on building a nuclear bomb – and with President Barack Obama fearing loss of key Jewish political support in 2012 if he doesn’t go along. On…more »

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Woodstock to Gaza, with Athens In Between

Photo by Debra Ellis

Grass roots efforts abound. More and more individuals and organizations are raising awareness and challenging unjust U.S. policy at home and abroad. Few can match the efforts of two New York couples who joined with numerous other activists in purchasing, recruiting for, and launching an American boat as part of the International Flotilla II –…more »

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Brave Enough to Make a Stand

Child in Syria

“Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children. And if you don’t help us, who else in the world can help us do this?” Albert Camus Six brave congressional representatives heeded Camus’ call. Dennis Kucinich [OH-10], William Lacy Clay…more »

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Neocons Fume Over US Boat to Gaza

To Gaza with Love

Exclusive: At the behest of Tel Aviv and Washington, Greek authorities stopped a small flotilla from sailing to Gaza in a challenge to Israel’s four-year blockade of the narrow strip of land and its 1.6 million people. Now, apologists for Israel’s right-wing Likud government are heaping scorn on the passengers, as Ray McGovern notes. My co-passengers…more »

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