Let Hedy Epstein Speak Her Truth

February 22, 2015 Dear Ms. Heather Wokusch and the Austrian Parliament, I am writing as a U.S. citizen who learned of your extension, followed by your retraction of an invitation to Hedy Epstein, to speak at the conference, ‘In Grandmother’s Words: The Fate of Women in the Second World War.’: I am aware she graciously … Continue reading Let Hedy Epstein Speak Her Truth

Dressing Fascism In Skirts

“Trust is central to an economy that works.” ~ Stephen Covey In the late 1990’s, I conducted a deep analysis of control techniques in the United States. From my analysis I was able to conclude that the single most important technique for controlling a population was to turn men and women against each other. When … Continue reading Dressing Fascism In Skirts