Free Speech

Purging The University

Written by the editors of Palestine Solidarity Review Challenge To Colonialism, Racism And The Ruling Class There has been a long history of repression by the U.S. government, college administrations and faculty against the Palestinian struggle and Arab organizers. In the 1960s the Palestinian issue arrived on the radar of the state when it became … Continue reading Purging The University

The Department Of Justice Escalating Criminalization Of Speech

Written by Glenn Greenwald Criminalizing Protected Political Speech Over the past several years, the Justice Department has increasingly attempted to criminalize what is clearly protected political speech by prosecuting numerous individuals (Muslims, needless to say) for disseminating political views the government dislikes or considers threatening. The latest episode emerged on Friday, when the FBI announced … Continue reading The Department Of Justice Escalating Criminalization Of Speech

Pepper Spray Nation

Written by Paul Rosenberg With most of the UC board of regents being in the 1%, student demonstrators should expect more police brutality. Tuition fees at US Davis since 1992 have increased a staggering 534 per cent [EPA] San Pedro, CA - The viral video of Lt John Pike casually pepper-spraying a line of peacefully … Continue reading Pepper Spray Nation

Police Brutality Against UC Davis Students

Written by Jon Chaconas Students Shout: "Shame On You" As a recent graduate from UC Davis, I was disturbed by the images of police brutality against students on campus. In some ways, the police officer who sprayed nonviolent, compliant students with pepper spray did the Occupy Education Movement a favor. He promoted its cause, via … Continue reading Police Brutality Against UC Davis Students