Militarized Society

Mapping Militarism

World Beyond War has created a set of online interactive maps to help us all see where and how war and preparations for war exist in the world today. Included are wars, troops, weapons shipments, military spending, particular weapons, and respect for the rule of law. You can find the maps we’ve created thus far … Continue reading Mapping Militarism

World Beyond Wars: Sign A Declaration Of Peace To End All Wars

Cognitive Liberty is proud to partner with World Beyond Wars in advocating an end to all war as we reinvest in life rather than death and destruction. By signing World Without Wars Declaration of Peace, you will increase our ability to advocate for an end to all war. Declaration of Peace I understand that wars … Continue reading World Beyond Wars: Sign A Declaration Of Peace To End All Wars

Sexual Torture: US Policy and Culture

Today, sexual abuse is not only used in US prisons abroad, but also in its domestic gulags. In many ways, sexualized torture has even become commonplace in pop-culture. Sexual violence is firmly imbedded in US society; its institutions and cultural mechanisms reinforce the appalling concept that sexual torture is acceptable, exciting, even predictable in certain … Continue reading Sexual Torture: US Policy and Culture

Tanks or Tuition

"You can't successfully prepare for and prevent war." ~ Einstein Military Tanks South of Santa Cruz Approximately 300 military tanks are seen moving on rails south of Santa Cruz, California. In the generally peaceful communities of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties it is easy to go about one's business almost forgetting that the local economy … Continue reading Tanks or Tuition