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Gaza A Weapon Test Sight: We Need To Kill Someone We Don’t Care About

Israeli soldiers from the armoured corps gestures atop tanks after returning to Israel from Gaza August 5, 2014. Photo by Reuters

~ Introduction by Cognitive Liberty Introduction The article below, published in the Haaretz, provides reason beyond ethnic cleansing, genocide, stealing land, and coveting the natural gas stores in Gaza for launching Operation Protective Edge on July 8, 2014. Gaza serves as a test sight for Israel’s newest military products. Gazans are to Israel what Iraqis…more »

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Take a Moment for Gaza, The Planet, and Your Own Community


By taking one or more actions you join a growing conscious family working to: protect lives and livelihoods in Gaza and other Middle East Countries, reduce environmental degradation from weapons and warfare, and bring much needed funds back home to the U.S. 5 MINUTES Sign petitions stopping weapon profits, civilian deaths, and the destruction of…more »

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THE BOEING COMPANY The Boeing Company was listed in 2012 as the second biggest arms supplier worldwide. Israel has used F-15A fighter jets and Apache AH 64 helicopters provided by Boeing in attacks on Gaza. Headquartered in Chicago, the company also has important production facilities outside Seattle, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. HEWLETT PACKARD COMPANY…more »

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Dear Friends and Family, As you know, Fallujah is near and dear to my heart. I got an email from a friend working in Fallujah and her message was: “Please Kali, try to stop your government from supplying Maliki with weapons , why they are insisting on keeping killing us , why they are doing…more »

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Guam Tests Toxic Mice To Kill Invasive Snakes At Andersen

In this photo taken on Feb. 5, 2013, a Brown Tree Snake is held by U.S. Department of Agriculture wildlife specialist

Animal cruelty, toxins in the food chain, waste of tax dollars, or ingenious? It makes one wonder what might be the next US Air Force, aerial toxin, eradication program target. ~ CognitiveLiberty Representatives from several federal agencies watched yesterday as a crew dropped dead mice filled with mild toxins onto two test sites on Andersen…more »

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Chemical Hypocrisy – Lies And Disinformation On The Road To War

U.S. Dropped Depleted Uranium on Libya

With the latest allegations that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people in Syria, the world once again stands on the brink of outright military intervention in the country. As the calls for intervention by the usual suspects increases in intensity, military strikes on Damascus are looking more and more inevitable. And with these…more »

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Where Have All The Real Skies Gone: Geoengineering Behind Unexplained Contrails

Chemtrails in Santa Cruz, California

Where have all the real skies gone? Long time passing Where have all the real skies gone? Long time ago Where have all the real skies gone? Geoengineers destroyed them every one When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? Modification of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” by Pete Seeger. January 19,…more »

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Israeli Defense Claims U.S. As Its Leading Customer

swat military equipment

We are intimately familiar with security measures encountered in airports, but may not realize most of the technology is purchased from Israel. How much more of these “security technologies” have been imported into our governments, industries, and academia? Technologies promoting warfare and the military industrial complex (including security) are often packaged with medical advancements and…more »

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