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MEKOROT: An Apartheid Adventure


Say No To Water Apartheid! Support Palestinian Water Rights Today marks the start of the first International Week Against Mekorot, Israel’s state-owned water company that is responsible for implementing “water apartheid” on Palestinians. Mekorot has been responsible for water rights violations and discrimination since the 1950s, depriving Palestinian communities from access to water. It provides…more »

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If We Can Sanction Russia Over Crimea, We Can Sanction Israel Over Palestine


Sanctions on Russia I’m so delighted that President Obama and Congress are moving to impose sanctions on Russia over its military intervention in Crimea. Regardless of whether one thinks this is a wise or just policy in the case of Russia, this is setting a great political precedent in the United States for considering boycotts,…more »

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The Assault On Iraqi Agriculture: U.S. Modern Day Gene-ocide

A woman in Iraq inspects her once-fertile, now-parched land. Drought is decimating agriculture in Iraq and making it impossible for many farmers to remain on their land (Source: Hadi Mizban, AP.)

By Daniel Stone Introduction ~ Cognitive Liberty U.S. Rape Culture: The U.S. not only rapes, pillages and plunders, it literally sows its seed to rot and ruin the land it occupies from the inside out. Was it not crime enough to alter the reproductive lives of Iraqis through depleted uranium, strontium, and other yet to…more »

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Here’s how Sadeq can get married

Graphic: Architect Hani Hassan designed energy efficient homes that are expandable to 2 stories, a good way to care for aging parents someday

Sadeq and his fiancé are ready to marry. He has a job — check. He can support a wife and family — check. As soon as their house is finished — pending, they can get married. Sadeq’s family, his neighbors, and the American nonprofit called Rebuilding Alliance are building him an affordable 3 bedroom home…more »

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State of Emergency in Gaza: Urgent Action!

Photo by M. Omer

Action Alert: Please Contact Kerry Gazans need our help now! Contact Secretary of State John Kerry Write: U.S. Department of State 2201 C ST., NW Washington, DC 20520 Call: 202-647-4000; select option 4 and ask operator for the comment line. 202-647-6575 (Public Communication Division); select option 8 to leave your comment. It is cold, there…more »

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Truly Honoring Mandela

Freedom of the Palestinians

By Carol Murry Apartheid in Israel with U.S. Support US President Barack Obama expressed his hope to meet Nelson Mandela during his 2013 trip to the Republic of South Africa. He spoke of trying to answer the call to action against apartheid issued by Nelson Mandela, after his release from 27 years imprisonment on Robben…more »

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SODASTREAM: Keeping Apartheid In Business

When you buy SODASTREAM, Learn how you can become part of changing history, end the Apartheid. In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in…more »

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UCSC Students Receive Fake Eviction Notices

University of California Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ — More than 400 UC Santa Cruz students received fake eviction notices Tuesday night, an attempt by a student group to raise awareness about Palestinian displacement in Israel. The UCSC Committee for Justice in Palestine distributed eviction notices to dorms within Porter and Merrill colleges. “Your dormitory is scheduled for demotion at some…more »

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Ben White Brings ‘apartheid’ Talk To Brooklyn College Dep’t (Which Hasn’t Hosted Dershowitz in 39 years)

We Will Be Heard

Do progressive Americans care about the Israel/Palestine issue? I think they do. Last night Josh Ruebner spoke at Brooklyn College and supported BDS (then rode Amtrak back to DC) and tonight Ben White will be speaking there, despite a vigorous campaign to shun him. His subject is Israel: Apartheid not Democracy. The British author will…more »

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Militarization Of The Food Supply: Dr. Vandana Shiva


Raising awareness and inspiring change by calling up laws of truth over fictional laws of corporations. The Law of the Universe The Law of the Land The Law of the People Living on the Land Indigenous Rights Dr. Shiva’s inspirational presentation reminds us what is worth fighting for and what is at stake if we…more »

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