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Pepper Spray Nation

UC Davis police pepper spray student protesters put on leave

Written by Paul Rosenberg With most of the UC board of regents being in the 1%, student demonstrators should expect more police brutality. Tuition fees at US Davis since 1992 have increased a staggering 534 per cent [EPA] San Pedro, CA – The viral video of Lt John Pike casually pepper-spraying a line of peacefully…more »

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UC Davis Professor Demands Chancellor Resign Over Pepper Spraying Of Students

Photo by John Aravosis

Written by David Badash A UC Davis Assistant Professor is demanding the immediate resignation of the University’s Chancellor over Friday’s pepper spraying of unarmed, non-​violent students who were passively sitting on the ground while in the midst of an Occupy Wall Street protest. Watch: Shocking Video Of Police Pepper Spraying UC Davis Students “I am…more »

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‘Occupy The Occupiers’ Disrupts Birthright Israel Event


Written by Adam Horowitz From a Young, Jewish and Proud press release on the first “Occupy the Occupiers” protest: A group of 10 young Jews with YJP: the young adult wing of Jewish Voice for Peace issued their new declaration “Occupy the Occupiers: a Jewish Call to Action” in novel form last night. Using the…more »

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Occupy Wall Street With Fellow U.S. Citizens


When I approached Liberty Plaza around 6 am this morning (10/14), I saw a huge crowd gather there ready to defend the peaceful occupation from eviction planned at 7 am. I was thrilled to mingle with the 3,000+ crowd, mainly young people, students, unions and New Yorkers. At about 6:20 am when the people’s microphone…more »

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Middle Class Americans Learn About Militarization Of Their Police Force

Photo by Occupy Oakland Participant

Written by Max Blumenthal With the rise of the Occupy Wall Street, a new generation of mostly middle class Americans is learning for the first time about the militarization of their local police forces. And they are learning the hard way, through confrontations with phalanxes of riot cops armed with the latest in “non-lethal” crowd…more »

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