Peace Process

Replacing The Peace Process With A Civil Rights Struggle

What would happen if Israeli progressives and their supporters demanded an end to the military court system, or called for freedom of movement for Palestinians? The answer: a lot. The two-state solution has long been transformed from a means (to solving the problem of the occupation) to an end. As I wrote here in the … Continue reading Replacing The Peace Process With A Civil Rights Struggle

Rebuilding Our Rhetoric

Restoration Not Peace I recently wrote an article titled “Peace is a Poisoned Word,” in which I argued that the definition of peace in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has come to mean the pacification of the Palestinian people. Therefore, it is time to replace peace with a new word, restoration. According to the Wiktionary, restoration means … Continue reading Rebuilding Our Rhetoric

Peace Is A Poisoned Word

Different Perspectives On September 23, 2011, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, took the podium at the UN General Assembly in New York City after submitting Palestine’s application for full membership in the UN. During the impassioned speech he affirmed that “The goal of the Palestinian people is the realization of their inalienable national … Continue reading Peace Is A Poisoned Word