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Matt Makes A Request Of Congress And Of You: Save A Home, Save A Future.

Photo by Ian Leech

Hi Congressman Larson, My name is Matthew DeMaio and I have been a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut for my entire life. I am writing you right now from Nablus, West Bank, Palestine. I have spent 8 of the last 14 months living, working and studying in between Palestine and Jordan and I have met…more »

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The Department Of Justice Escalating Criminalization Of Speech


Written by Glenn Greenwald Criminalizing Protected Political Speech Over the past several years, the Justice Department has increasingly attempted to criminalize what is clearly protected political speech by prosecuting numerous individuals (Muslims, needless to say) for disseminating political views the government dislikes or considers threatening. The latest episode emerged on Friday, when the FBI announced…more »

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Enemies Of The State

Hedy Epstein, one of 36 passengers aboard the Audacity of Hope, in front of a cargo of love letters.

Take Action Today! Become a signatory on the letter below opposing H. R. 3131. A bill has been introduced into congress that, if passed, could set a precedent allowing the State Department to investigate you as an enemy of the state. “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” ~ Voltaire In…more »

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