Trouble in Tibet

Rapid changes in Tibetan grasslands are threatening Asia's main water supply and the livelihood of nomads. In the northern reaches of the Tibetan Plateau, dozens of yaks graze on grasslands that look like a threadbare carpet. The pasture has been munched down to bare soil in places, and deep cracks run across the snow-dusted landscape. … Continue reading Trouble in Tibet

SC Desal Alternatives: Does The Consultant Matter?

Should the City choose the desal engineering consultants to guide the Citizens Water Supply Advisory Committee? Dear Santa Cruz Friends, Tomorrow Desal Alternatives will make what I think is a modest request of the City Council. Tell me if you think it is modest. Tomorrow afternoon around 4pm the City Council will consider whether to … Continue reading SC Desal Alternatives: Does The Consultant Matter?

MEKOROT: An Apartheid Adventure

Say No To Water Apartheid! Support Palestinian Water Rights Today marks the start of the first International Week Against Mekorot, Israel’s state-owned water company that is responsible for implementing "water apartheid" on Palestinians. Mekorot has been responsible for water rights violations and discrimination since the 1950s, depriving Palestinian communities from access to water. It provides … Continue reading MEKOROT: An Apartheid Adventure

California Drought: What's Causing It?

As California struggles through a run of historically dry weather, most residents are looking at falling reservoir levels, dusty air and thirsty lawns. But meteorologists have fixed their attention on the scientific phenomenon they say is to blame for the emerging drought: a vast zone of high pressure in the atmosphere off the West Coast, … Continue reading California Drought: What's Causing It?